Go Behind The Scenes With Kane Hodder As Victor Crowley

Kane Hodder will always be know as playing Jason Voorhees a record four times in the Friday The 13th Film Franchise, but he has also made another maniac well known over the pat five years. His portrayal as Victor Crowley in Adam Green's Hatchet franchise has given his fans even more reason to cheer for the man as a genre favorite. Dread Central recently sat down to talk to Adam Green about Kane's character in the Hatchet films and show some great behind the scenes photos of the legendary actor and stunt man getting ready to become Victor on screen.

During the Adam Green conversation, it is revealed that there will be a special Hatchet Marathon run to benefit those people who were effected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

From Adam Green
Speaking of HATCHET III, I'm extremely proud to say that we are working on a HATCHET fundraiser for the victims of last Monday's Boston bombing tragedy along with our friends at Worcester's Rock and Shock Horror/Music Convention. Details are still being ironed out, but we're finalizing a Boston area marathon screening of all three HATCHET films with all proceeds going to help the victims in my hometown of Boston, MA. I'll be showing my own private 35mm UK print of HATCHET 1, which is the un-cut version, only screened in a US theater one other time before. [HATCHET 1 was severely edited for its initial theatrical release after the MPAA slapped it with an NC-17 in 2007.] Then it is the un-rated and uncut HATCHET II and the first ever chance for anyone to see HATCHET III (uncut and unrated, of course).

There are a few photos below of Kane becoming Victor Crowley, but for more photos and the entire interview with Adam Green, make sure to visit Dread Central as well as find out more about the benefit for the bombings.