The MANHATTAN PROJECT Brings Friday The 13th Part 8 Poster To Life

In a continuing effort to highlight Friday The 13th fan projects, we are trying to feature different types of creations related to the films and showcase the excellent talents of individuals that come up with something unique and different. A few weeks ago, we wrote about the great oil canvas paintings created by Severed Parts Inc. and today we have something just as fun!

Cryptkeeper 9 Productions recently finished up a run of very unique custom hockey masks that show the look of Jason Voorhees' hockey mask on the poster and box art for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan! Some people would say the poster and trailer are the best parts of the films, and for those fans that agree with that sentiment, or for people who are truly fans of the film, this custom hockey mask will make you have a great big smile!

Check out the masks below and let us know what you think! These masks were completed a little over a week ago and at that time there were four left. If interested in finding our more about this mask, please visit the Facebook Page for Cryptkeeper 9 Productions.