Film Props: Jason Goes To Hell Hockey Mask

For the people that know this writer and have been following my posts the last few years, they are aware how much I like Jason Goes To Hell and Jason Voorhees' look in the film. Everything from the clothing, shape of his head and, of course, the hockey mask make Jason look awesome. So, today we are going to take a look at one of the hockey masks used during the production of the film.

Today's featured prop is from Jason Goes To Hell and was on display at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas back in 2004 and the photos below were taken at that time. The origins of the photos are unknown and were sent into this website by an anonymous reader with who let us know about the year the photos were taken.

This hockey mask was indeed used in the opening sequence of the film after the F.B.I. ambushes Jason. The mask was only used during that one scene as the bullet hole in the left side of the mask occurred during that scene. Another reason we know that this mask was only used during the F.B.I. ambush scene is that at the end of the film, when Jason is reborn, his mask not only has the bullet hole but it also has the bomb damage to the mask by the right eye hole.

Enjoy the pics below and let us know your thoughts on the mask and the film!

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