Larry Zerner's Role Revealed For Knights Of Badassdom

Larry Zerner has been a huge favorite of Friday The 13th fans for years as his portrayal of Shelly in Friday The 13th Part 3 has had an everlasting effect on the film franchise and those who enjoy the films. It doesn't hurt that Larry truly embraces the fans when meeting them at conventions or answering questions during interviews about Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake. One of the more exciting bits of news about Larry came about a few years ago when it was announced that Larry was going back into acting for the first time in decades for Joe Lynch's Knights Of Badassdom. The film debuted at San Diego Comic Con a few years ago and fans were really excited to see it hit theaters in the near future. Unfortunately, the film is in distribution hell right now and the public won't be seeing it anytime soon, at least not in the Director's vision.

Larry's part in the film was never truly defined until recently when he was interviewed by Max It Magazine where Larry discusses his iconic role as Shelly in Friday The 13th Part 3 as well as his beginnings of becoming an entertainment lawyer. Below is an excerpt of that interview where Larry also talks about his character (also Shelly, a wink to the fans) in Knights Of Badassdom. For the entire interview, please visit Max It Magazine!

From Max It Magazine
BARRY: After an absence of more than 20 years from film and TV, you acted in Knights of Badassdom, directed by Joe Lynch. What was it like being in front of the camera after such a long hiatus?

LARRY: It was so much fun. I had so much fun. My good friend Mark Burton produced the movie, and Joe is a big fan of Friday the 13th, as I’m sure you know. He did a great commentary on the Part IV movie, and I guess he just did one for Part II. Somehow he hasn’t done one for Part III, I don’t know why (LAUGHS). Anyway, it was so much fun to be in front of the camera again. It was a night shoot, and it was the second to last day, or maybe the last day of filming. And even though the scene was set inside and during the day, everyone was on a night schedule so they filmed all night. I had just got there, and they didn’t start until six o’clock and went to six in the morning. Now, I’m old, and I go to bed early, but I was up and didn’t want to go to bed, it was so much fun. It was a blast.

BARRY: How did you get the role in Knights of Badassdom? Did you audition, or did someone from the production reach out to you?

LARRY: I was cool with it, and they were like, ‘Larry is coming in.’ It’s really more like a glorified cameo.

BARRY: Your character’s name in Knights of Badassdom is the same as your character’s name in Friday the 13th Part III. Is there any connection?

LARRY: That’s a joke. The character really didn’t have a name. The movie stars Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, and he’s a mechanic. I play his boss, and come in while his character is talking to another mechanic, played by comedian Brian Posehn. And when I leave, Brian, who is a big Friday the 13th fan, calls me Shelly. So that became kind of an inside joke. Those who see the movie who know who I am and know who I played will get the reference, and no one else will (LAUGHS).