New BDS PART 7 Hero Casted Hockey Mask Available For Purchase

A few years ago, Mario Kirner, who owns and owns many screen used props from the Friday the 13th films, offered a limited run of of hockey masks recast from the "Hero" mask which was worn by the Jason Voorhees character in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. There were blank masks sold called Red 7 and painted masks called Black 7. The masks were originally sold at a higher asking price and eventually sold out. Collectors and fans in general have been wanting another shot at owning a mask that is as close to screen accurate as Mario's offering. Now, it seems, that chance is available once again.

Josh Ludemann and his Beyond Disgusting Studios are now offering their recast of the exact same Hero mask from Part 7. Read more information about the mask below.

I present to you the BDS(Beyond Disgusting Studios) Part 7, Just to give a quick info about this mask. This mask is not a Red 7 or Black 7 or even casted off one. One guy i know from Hollwood who is a good friend of mine has a mold of this Part 7 mask hockey mask that was casted off the hero mask probably back in the 90s or early 2000 way before Mario molded his. Just a few different things are different compared to Marios which you can't really tell. 

Taking orders as of right now on blanks $80 shipped for one. Painted copies will be $180 Shipped with Leather Straps. And just to let everyone know they are not limited but will take a few at a time. Will not number them because i know there could be drama and fights about who number is higher and price changes on that when re selling them. The only thing i would do is sign the back with my name and that's it.

To place an order, visit the Beyond Disgusting Studios Facebook page!