Winner: Friday The 13th Soundtrack Contest

Our latest contest ended this past Sunday with a large number of entries submitted for a chance to win the La  La Land Records soundtrack for Friday The 13th 1980. We are happy to say that most everyone got the correct answers which made the random drawing a much more competitive experience. With that being said, we have chosen a winner!

Congratulations to Jackson DeWault as he was chosen to receive a new soundtrack for the original Friday The 13th film! He has been contacted and will receive his prize when we hear back from him. Thank you for everyone's participation and we look forward to offering a new contest in the near future. Below we have listed out the answers for the picture contest.

1. Officer Dorf  looking for Crazy Ralph at Camp Crystal Lake
2. Marcie investigating a strange noise in the outhouse.
3. Brenda looking for the "little boy" in the rain.
4. Enos and other locals at the cafe/restaurant.