Jason X Actor And Veteran Horror Director Gets New 'Body Art'

One of the coolest moments in Jason X, for this writer, was the opening scene where veteran director David Cronenberg makes an appearance as Dr. Wimmer. His time was short, but sweet in the Friday The 13th film universe, but now he can say he was killed by Jason Voorhees! Besides acting in a Friday the 13th film, he also directed an episode of the short-lived Friday The 13th: The Series back in 1988. Although the television series is in no way apart of the films, it is still an interesting piece of trivia!

Besides directing the superior remake for The Fly in 1986, along with countless other Horror classics such as Rabid, Scanners or Videodrome, Cronenberg also has acted in over twenty films and television series. Most notable is his stint as the psychotic Dr. Decker in Clive Barker's Nightbreed. It is great to see him still taking the occasional acting role and now it was reported by Yahoo last week that he will be acting in the new film Body Art based on the novel The Body Artist. Read below for a small synopsis of the story.

Isabelle Huppert is starring as the character who, in the novella was an actress/performer of sorts grieving over a lost lover who encounters a mysterious stranger living in her house (all of which may or may not be literally happening).

Congratulations to Mr. Cronenberg and we are sure he will turn in an excellent performance!