Behind The Scenes: J.J.'s Guitar Head Wound From Jason Takes Manhattan

For all of the disappointment surrounding Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, there is still a huge following by the fans of the late 80's pop culture treasure. Even though Paramount's marketing team misled the fans for how much time Jason would exactly spend in Manhattan, the idea of Jason on a ship stalking teens offered a much needed change in scenery for the ten year old franchise. The film offered some great characters once again, which included J.J., played by Saffron Henderson.

In one of the best scenes of the film, Saffron's character is guitar jamming in the power room of the S.S. Lazarus when Jason stalks her calmly from above as he descends down the stairs. He of course uses her guitar to kill J.J and the rest is history. Saffron herself is an accomplished singer and voice-over actress and at her fan website she posted images of her numerous project as well as an awesome behind the scenes image of her guitar wound make-up on the set of Jason Takes Manhattan. Check out the image below. Did Jason do the fans justice by silencing her music?

J.J. See's Jason In Jason Takes Manhattan

Actress Saffron Henderson on set with Guitar wound make-up

Source: Saffron Henderson Fan Page