Screen Friday The 13th in 35MM This April At April Ghouls Drive-In

Although it's only January, and the new year has just kicked off, fans of the old school 70's and 80's Horror films that have influenced a new generation of moviegoers still get the much deserved love they deserve with occasional screenings on the big screen. What greater gift could a fan of these classic films receive than an all weekend Drive-In screening event of these decades old films, and all in 35MM!? Well, to have such an event, you have to include the original Friday The 13th film that helped jump-start the slasher boom of the 1980's along with scores of other cult classics.

The Spring's new Retro 35MM outdoor shockfest, April Ghouls Monster Rama, will take place the weekend of April 5-6, 2013 at the Riverside Drive-In at Vadergrift, Pennsylvania where Friday The 13th 1980 will be showing on Friday April 5th. Read below to find out more and make sure to visit the website for the full details


The ultimate trip back in time to the grand old days of drive-in cinema is back with a special April event! Due to popular demand and that once a year just isn't enough, we present a Spring weekend event entitled APRIL GHOULS "DRIVE-IN" MONSTER-RAMA in addition to the annual DRIVE-IN SUPER MONSTER-RAMA. Like the September Monster-Rama, this event consists of two nights of classic horror and monster 35mm screenings (including many new prints) presented at an authentic, hospitable drive-in movie theater. Like in September, there will be two big shows on two consecutive nights which will start at dusk and go on until really late into the night! This is the seventh year in a row that we are hosting such an event, and this is the first time we've been allowed to do it twice in one year. We encourage drive-in movie fanatics from all parts of the country to come out and experience something you'll never forget! What could be better than a weekend getaway topped off with two nights of classic monster movies on the big outdoor screen?