Meet Kane Hodder At A Monster Party

Everybody loves Kane Hodder and his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X. He is a very personable actor and is great with the fans when he meets them at Horror conventions. Although Kane attends a number of these events each year, it is still a pleasure to talk with the man who helped carry the franchise through the 1990's when the films did not have as much recognition as they do now.

With that being said, Kane will be attending a party. A Mad Monster Party to be exact as he will be joining a huge list of fellow Horror actors this coming March at the Mad Monster Party! Taking place the weekend of March 22-24 in Charlotte, North Carolina, fans can talk to Kane about this role as Jason as well as Victor Crowley in the Hatchet films! For more information, make sure to visit the conventions's website for more information!