Friday the 13th: The Complete LEGO Saga

Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones have their own Lego collections, so why not Jason Voorhees? It is time for Warner Bros. and Paramount to take a serious look into creating a limited edition Friday the 13th Lego offering complete with play sets that represent recognizable scenes from the films. There doesn't have to be anything graphic within the sets, but owning memorable scenes in the form of Lego sets would be plain cool!

If fans had a chance to vote for scenes to be created for limited edition Lego sets, which of your favorite moments from the films should be chosen? We think that at least one specific scene from each film should be chosen to be produced for fans to own. The following could be possible Lego scenes.

Friday the 13th 1980:   The beach fight between Mrs. Voorhees and Alice
Friday the 13th Part 2:   The shrine in Jason’s shack
Friday the 13th Part 3:   The end barn scene with Chris, Jason and Ali
The Final Chapter:   Jason trying to enter Tommy’s room with Tommy and Trish hiding inside
A New Beginning:   Reggie driving the tractor by the barn to run over Roy standing over Pam
Jason Lives:   The opening grave scene with Tommy, Jason and Hawes
The New Blood:   Tina’s house with Nick and Jason falling through stairs
Jason Takes Manhattan:   Jason in Time Square
Jason Goes To Hell:   Jason surrounded by S.W.A.T in the woods
Jason X:   Jason in Cryostasus chamber discovered by students
Freddy vs Jason:   Jason fighting Freddy in construction site
Friday the 13th 2009:   Jason’s main chamber in the underground tunnel with grindstone

Lego photo above by xamoel