Behind The Scenes: Rare Photo Of Bloodied Brenda From Friday The 13th 1980

When Brenda's dead body was thrown through the main cabin window towards the end of Friday The 13th 1980, many fans wondered how Mrs. Voorhees actually killed her. Her face was bloodied and bruised, but it left some people wondering about her demise. Feeding the mystery surrounding the character's death is the fact that not many behind the scenes photos have been seen of actress Laurie Bartram in the disgusting makeup.

In fact, most fans have probably never seen a behind the scenes photo of the character bloodied and battered, so when we happened across a super rare look at such a photo, we immediately took to writing our latest Behind The Scenes article. Below is a very rare photo of actress Laurie Bartram on the set of Friday The 13th 1980! It still looks like the Brenda character was just beaten badly, which contributed to her death, but it is still a very interesting look at the character that many have not see before!

This photo was part of an original Fangoria story printed before the release of the film, which was on May 9, 1980. Enjoy the photo and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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