Fangoria 320 Interviews Friday The 13th Heroine Adrienne King

January 2013 will see the release of Fangoria #320, for which Friday The 13th fans will probably want to pick up a copy as the long running Horror magazine will have an exclusive interview with original Friday The 13th Final Girl Adrienne King. Many fans know of her story by now, but for those who don't, Adrienne took a long absents from film after her role as Alice Hardy in two Friday The 13th films due to her scary ordeal with a real life stalker. Since that time, Adrienne was able to come to peace with the situation and move forward with her many hobbies.

Fangoria will be discussing her life post Friday The 13th, which we assume will include her passion for art and her winery. Make sure to look for the new magazine next month in stores or for download in the Fangoria App on your tablet and smart phones. Below is a peak for the cover of issue #320!

Source: Fangoria
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