Jason Voorhees Is Taking Manhattan Again In New York City This November

With all of the craziness of film screenings for Friday the 13th films nearing an end with Halloween coming to a close at the end of this day, it was surprising to find out about another screening popping up in November not to long after Halloween will have ended. This is no ordinary Friday The 13th showing, however, as Jason will be appearing in New York City again, and ready to take Manhattan one more time. Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan will be screening at a free event at Times Scare on November 6, 2012!

To get in free to this New York City event, all you have to do is buy food or drink and you are admitted in to watch Jason stalk unsuspecting teens on a cruise ship, for an hour, before hitting the streets of Vancouver, then Times Square. For more details, please visit www.timesscarenyc.com and get out to see Jason take Manhattan while in New York City!