Contest Winners: Ultimate Friday The 13th Movie Cast And Location Challenge

It's been a long week sifting through the contest entries for the Ultimate Friday The 13th Movie Cast And Location Challenge to finally pick our winners, but we have some to announce today. First off, we must discuss some circumstances surrounding the contest and the voting.

We originally intended to have three prizes to giveaway, but unfortunately we were not able to obtain the Friday The 13th Part 3 figure as originally planned, so there will only be two winners for this contest. Many apologies for this slip-up. Our next contest will make up for it, definitely!

The second order of business to discuss is the contest voting. We had to screen all of the votes posted in the comments section for people who may have decided to double vote under different names and we did find some instances of such an occurrence, which is unfortunate. Those votes were not counted towards the final tally. If you have questions on this process, please email for clarification. With that said, let's announce the winners.

SAM DOBY has won the first prize, which is the CD soundtrack for Friday the 13th 1980, released by La La Land Records. Congratulations on gathering the most votes for the prize. Our second winner is SHAMOS FISHER and he will be receiving a limited edition film cell display for Jason X donated by The Horror Warehouse. Both winners will be contacted via email to get their shipping information.

Thank you to everyone for participating with contest entries and votes for the submissions. Look for our newest contest coming soon!