Friday The 13th 2009 Scribe Creating Young Adult Novels

Writer and Producer Mark Wheaton may not be a name most Friday The 13th fans are aware of as screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift gained most of the notoriety for creating the screenplay and story for the franchise reboot Friday The 13th 2009. However, Mark Wheaton played a major role in writing the story for the film and has dabbled in Horror movies in the past. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark will now be spearheading a young adult novel series of books in becoming a published novelist

From The Hollywood Reporter
The book centers on a typical, everyday
 American teenager named Christopher Dash who suddenly finds himself on the run and is forced to hook up 
with a group of teen vagabonds-turned-artifact hunters in 

ZOVA Publishing will release the first
 book, The Sword of the Realm, in summer 2013, with the second, The Golden Fleet, coming the following year. 

An accomplished Horror screenwriter taking on young adult books should wield an interesting result. Lets see how these turn out!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter