Corey Feldman's 'Six Degrees Of Hell' Gets New Trailer, Release Date

Last year we wrote about a brand new indie film titled Six Degree of Hell that promises to get back to the roots of scary story telling for which audiences will be terrified. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter star Corey Feldman is headlining to new Horror film as a paranormal investigator and looks to bring a strong screen presence to the project. The second trailer for the film debuted towards the end of 2011 and we brought the film preview to our visitors for everyone to witness with shocking imagery!

A few days ago the newest trailer debuted via new film distributor Breaking Glass Pictures and shows a little more Corey and even more hellish activity. Read on for the synopsis of the film and view the trailer below. Look for the DVD of the film to hit stores on October 30th!

Six lives are woven together by a supernatural force that's laid claim to one. A Halloween haunted establishment,"The Hotel of Horror", is ground zero for a paranormal perfect storm touched off by a seemingly random series of events.