Jason X Clippings Show Proposed Revisit To Original Films

When Jason X was filming and in production in 1999, there were a lot of crazy images being leaked out to websites like Dark Horizons (Yes, they were still around back then. Imagine a world without Bloody Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop, Collider, Slash Film and so on. Shocking.) with one image of writer Todd Farmer being attacked by some sort of CGI creature. Fans were confused and bracing for more craziness to come from Jason Voorhees in space. That being said, there was a very encouraging piece of information that came out of the production that would make fans of the older movies of the franchise very happy.

The art department for Crystal Lake Entertainment decided to mock-up some old Crystal Lake Observer news clippings of the events surrounding Jason's drowning as a boy as well as his mother's murderous rampage and subsequent beheading. These clippings were going to be used in a Jason X scene as our butt kicking heroine, Rowen, pulls the clippings and other assorted Jason items out of a box to observe. The scene never made it into the film, but it would have been a welcome addition to the story to tie it to the previous films.

Below are a few of the mock news clippings. The headlines are what is important along with some stock imagery, however the words in the actual story below the headlines are just a mixture of old news items and not meant to be part of what the headline imply.