Crispin Glover To Star In Indie Thriller 'Hotel'

Crispin Glover is one of the few actors from the original Paramount Friday The 13th films to still stay very active with acting as he is now doubt one of the most talented actors of his generation. His quirky nature lends itself to the offbeat and memorable roles he is usually offered. Now, Crispin has joined the indie action thriller Motel, along with John Cusack and Robert Deniro.

Motel Synopsis
Motel is described as a taut crime thriller centering on a hit man (Cusack) hired by an infamous crime boss (De Niro). To complete the job, the man must fight his way through a cast of other shadowy characters who also have been summoned by the mobster to a decrepit backwater motel in the Delta bayous. When the man crosses back with a mysterious woman, they partner up to escape from the crime boss’ clutches and survive a night of murderous havoc.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter