Freddy vs Jason Prop Machete Up For Auction In July

Screen used props from Friday The 13th films are a rare item to own indeed, not just because of the limited number of items still available from productions, but also because of the exorbitant dollar amounts associated with purchasing the props. For those lucky fans that have saved up their money to own these highly sought after items, the prop resaler site Screen Used will be holding an auction for a large amount of screen used props and wardrobe spanning numerous films in cinematic history.

The auction will be held on July 21st, and happens to feature an item that should get everyone's attention. A stunt rubber machete from Freddy vs Jason will be up for auction and it's starting value is in the range of $2,500 - $3,000. It's a large sum, but prop collectors will tell you that if you feel it has that worth, you will put a bid in on it. This writer is not an expert on such matters, but this machete could be worth the price come auction time.

To check out the entire list of items up for auction, including the Jason Voorhees prop machete, check out the Screen Used Catalog.

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