HorrorHound Weekend Has Jason Voorhees, Jason X Pilot And Tom Savini, Oh My!

HorrorHound Weekend is one of the biggest Horror and Sci-Fi conventions in the United States and feature some of the most well known talent in the genre from the past few decades. The show for this September is showcasing an unbelievable reunion of actors from James Cameron's Aliens, but also is bringing together some rare guests from the Friday The 13th film franchise. If you like Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 or Jason X, then this show will definitely be for you!

Jason Voorhees actor C.J. Graham (Jason Lives) has become a rare person to get an autograph from in recent years as his appearances at these types of shows has dwindled. However, fans are hoping that he is able to make this September's festivities and represent the franchise proudly. Another rare appearance and one actor that may not normally garner a lot of attention is Boyd Banks (Fat Lou, Jason X), who is no stranger to Jason Voorhees or the zombie sub-genre as he has acted in the Dawn of The Dead remake as well as George Romero's The Land Of The Dead.

Rounding out the Friday The 13th alumni guests for HorrorHound weekend is make-up effects icon Tom Savini. For more info on the show, taking place Spetember 7-9, 2012, please visit their website listed below!