Vintage VHS Cover Born From New York Times Retro Friday The 13th Poster

More than a week ago, we featured an article and the accompanying posters from the New York Times whereas six artists were commissioned to create retro posters for Friday The 13th 1980. One poster really stood out as a true revisionist piece of art for the film, which was created by artist JP Zuviate from

JP explains his motivation for his design:
Fans of "Friday the 13th" really inspired me. The idea of capturing Jason underwater looking up at Alice Hardy, the camp counselor in the canoe, really seemed interesting. I also wanted to include fun things in the poster like camp counselor whistles, a rotten Camp Crystal Lake sign and an arrow at the bottom of the lake.

Thanks to the our readers, JP learned of our article from last week and contacted this writer to thank our website and the fans for such a positive and exciting response to his artwork. He then sent us his original idea for his commissioned work, which was going to be a vintage looking VHS cover, something our die hard visitors would love. Alas, JP decided to go with the published poster in the New York Times with a better reaction going towards the bloody poster design. In the mean time, please check out the VHS cover artwork he created below, and keep checking back as we hear there might be prints made available to the fans of this amazing retro look at Friday The 13th!

Big thanks goes to JP Zuviate for sharing his cover art.