Paramount Celebrates Jason On 100th Anniversary Poster

Friday The 13th fans know that Paramount Pictures was not as maternal with the film franchise as New Line Cinema was with the A Nightmare On Elm Street films. Once the large profit margins dried up, Paramount sold most of the rights to New Line in the early 1990's and never looked back, well, not until DVD and Freddy vs Jason came along. The studio hopped back on the cash cow franchise and has created multiple releases of the films on DVD and Blu-Ray. Outside of that fact, Paramount rarely acknowledges the Friday The 13th films, which is why it was a big surprise to see Paramount's new 100th Anniversary poster today.

The new poster commemorating the Centennial of the storied studio actually shows Jason's hockey mask as one of the icons of the films the studio has distributed through the years (upper left of poster). We can overlook the fact that they put a hockey mask on the poster with the year 1981. Did the studio's marketing team intend to put 1982 for the year Jason got his hockey mask in Friday The 13th Part 3? Or were they inferring 1981 as the year Jason was introduced as the killer in Friday The 13th Part 2, but just used the easily recognizable mask to signify it's Jason? We may never know, and does it really matter, but it's great to see good ol' Jason on Paramount's poster of 100 years in the movie business!

Source: Ain't It Cool News