Trent's House Shooting Location From Friday The 13th 2009 Revealed!

It has long been a mission of die-hard Friday the 13th fans and this website to search out and share shooting locations for various scenes in the film franchise and fans of the films always seem to surprise and amaze with their ability to find these locations. A few years ago, long time fan of the series and member of one of the oldest and longest running fan communities for Friday The 13th, "Germaniac", was instrumental in finding the Ranch shooting location for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. His work led to an amazing interview for our website with the owner and unlocked a long standing mystery that fans have been wondering about for decades. Now, "Germaniac" has found the location of a newer mystery for the franchise, the location of Trent's Summer Home from Friday The 13th 2009!

This is one location that people have been clamoring to find and now we can unload all of the info we currently have in our possession. Believe it or not, the house location is a rental home for vacationers and is open for business right now! We were unable to secure an exact numbered address for the house before posting this story, but it is located between 120 and 1300 Red Hawk Road in Wimberley, Texas. The Google Earth coordinates are as follows, 30° 0'18.11"N  98° 1'53.84"W. Wimberley is located North East of San Antonio and has a number of beautiful locations for vacationing.

Below are images of the house as seen today in the present compared with screen shots of the movie, filmed back in 2008. You will notice the exact match of building structure internally and externally, with a few changes. It looks as though the outside of the building has had an overhaul with more stone facing added to the exterior walls and pillars in front of the entrance doors and some new landscaping added with grass as well. The interior has had some upgrades as well with new stone flooring added leading into the sitting area as well as the breakfast bar.

House Interior
Present day interior followed by screen capture from 2009 film.

House Exterior
Present day exterior followed by screen capture from 2009 film.

A very big thanks to "Germaniac" for sharing this great piece of historical info with us and we all look forward to finding more shooting locations in the future!