Jason Goes To Hell: The Work Print Edition

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is probably just as debated, lamented, and hated as Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. That being said, at least all of the unused footage has been made available for fans to witness so to see what the original concept and ideas were for the film. The now infamous workprint contains a plethora of deleted scenes, some of which add more depth to Creighton Duke's character and would have made more sense of why he was determined to kill Jason for all time.

Below are the important scenes of the workprint that were excised from the final version of the film. There are a number of other little differences, mainly different angles and music cues, that are present, but not worth mentioning except to the hardcore fans.

Extended Conversation Between Duke And Robert Campbell
During the interview for American Casefile, reporter Robert Campbell mentions Duke's compound is like a little fortress. He asks how many mercenaries have been trained by him. Duke replies that he could tell him but then he'd have to kill him. Robert asks when was the last time Duke saw Jason. Duke replies that it was about three years ago. In this version of the film, Duke is also pouring himself a drink.

Steven And The Campers
The entire sequence of Steven picking up the campers and taking them to the old Camp Crystal Lake is not present in the workprint as this scene and the death of the campers were added later in post production after a test screening revealed fans wanted more classic deaths in the film.

Diana's Phone Call
In the workprint, Diana goes home from the Diner and receives a phone call from her boyfriend Sheriff Landis and not her daughter, Jessica. Landis apologies about the incident with Creighton Duke at the Diner earlier and is excited about their vacation and also talks about getting married. The theatrical version of the film has Diana talking to her daughter instead, about Jessica coming to visit. Soon after, Jason arrives to try and be reborn. The entire bit of Jessica calling her mother was later added in post production and Diana's conversation had to be synced up to the new Jessica conversation to make sense.

Police Station Encounters
There are numerous additional scenes added that take place at the Police Station after Diana dies at the hands of Jason. The first is of Steven talking to Randy in the interrogation room and then being handcuffed and taken out of the room.

Next up, there is an extended conversation between Sheriff Landis, Jessica and Robert Campbell as they arrive at the station as part of Diana's funeral. The Sheriff warns Robert to not put any of the events in print or on television for which Robert replies he is only there to support Jessica. Landis then is notified of a phone call that there is a problem. The problem ends up being Creighton Duke being caught trying to steal Diana's body.

Duke is later brought down to the Police Station, accused of stealing Diana's body, where an irate Sheriff Landis wants to know where Duke put Diana's body. Duke responds that he doesn't know and that someone else got to her first.

Vicki's Boyfriend Lost Death Scene
As Jessica leaves to attend to family matters, she leaves baby Stephanie with her friend Vicki to take care of. In this lost scene, Vicki is seen at home with her boyfriend before she leaves to go work at the Diner. When Vicki leaves for work, Jason appears while in Josh's body and kills her boyfriend.

Steven Escapes To The Diner Parking Lot
Never seen in the released film, after Steven escapes to from jail, he heads over to the Diner looking to steal a car, but it unsuccessful. He later runs to the back of the Diner where he encounters his baby daughter and Ward.

Extended Book Of The Dead Sequence
Although very brief, the workprint does show Steven thumbing through more pages in The Necronomicon (Boof of the Dead) and seeing just what evils lurk within the book.

Hell Demon, Not Hell Baby
Towards the end of the film, the exciting climax takes place at the Voorhees house. It is there that the evil of Jason is seen in its true form. The theatrical cut shows a Hell Baby scampering about the floor before Jason is reborn. However, in the workprint, the demon is almost the size of a man and is eventually pulled down to the basement by an ailing Duke rather than being thrown into a hole in the floor as seen in the theatrical cut.

Extended Jungle Gym Attack
When Jason is reborn, he and Steven engage in a battle outside of the yard which eventually leads to Steve being thrown into a jungle gym. In the theatrical version, Jason grabs the device and tosses it sideways to have an easier time of grabbing Steven. The workprint has an extensive scene of Jason trying to grab at Steven through the bars with no success, before eventually tossing the gym aside.

Steven Takes Out Jason
After Jessica stabs Jason in the heart with the magic dagger, the workprint shows an extended sequence of Steven punching Jason and eventually Steven, not Jessica, kicks the dagger all the way into Jason's chest.

Jason Goes To Hell
The theatrical finale shows Jason being pulled down under ground by giant hands in an illuminating light. The workprint shows the original concept of multiple Demons pulling Jason into the ground. (The entire sequence was created using puppets)

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