Freddy vs Jason Starlet Gets Surgical

The great thing about actors that starred in more current Friday The 13th projects is that they are still very active in Hollywood, and give fans a chance to see them in different characters, albeit still within the same genre. That's where Freddy vs Jason star Katharine Isabelle is leading fans as her new film is making the rounds at Cannes Film Festival according to Bloody Disgusting. Katharine's new film is titled American Mary and promises a good dose of psychosis and possibly gore to boot.

The pic follows the story of medical student Mary Mason as she grows increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the surgeons she once admired. The allure of easy money and notoriety sends Mary into the messy world of underground surgeries that leaves more marks on Mary than her so-called freakish clientele.

Check out the poster art below and keep an eye out for a film release sometime in the future.

Source: Bloody Disgusting
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