Film Review: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning - Could Have Changed The Franchise

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning starts off with a bang. The first image of Jason in the film shows him in his grave, worms in his eyes after being dug up by two very unfortunate gravediggers. Jason then stalks over to the bushes where Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) is frozen in fear. As the machete crashes down, an adult Tommy (John Shepard) awakens, it was just a nightmare.

The opening credits sequence, with the mask breaking through the Friday the 13th logo and then turning, as if the viewer is putting on the mask has got to be one of the best credit sequences ever. However, the amazingness doesn't stop there. We are re-introduced to Tommy, who is ready to be released from a mental health facility, and a new cast of characters. Some characters, like Junior and Ma, are obviously characters made for the slaughter, whereas some of the others really add to the story.

Rather than happening in Crystal Lake, this story takes place at a "free will" mental health facility, so if some of the kids are killed, those running the facility may just think they ran off. And when the deaths occur in this movie, they really don't disappoint. The death toll is higher in this film than in any previous, and whereas the film is edited heavily, you still have a good dose of gore.

The gore, however, isn't even what makes this movie standout.This movie is known mostly for the killer not being Jason, but in my opinion the acting in this movie wasn't always top notch, but John Shepard gave one of the most amazing performances ever seen in a Friday film. His silence speaks bounds, and his fear is near genuine when he has visions of Jason. John Shepard took the role of Tommy Jarvis and ran miles with it. When watching this movie, pay attention to his facial features at every step. I really feel John Shepard showed more emotion then any actor in a Friday movie.

The film's climax was amazing, as with the films before, with the lead heroine and the always annoying, yet still likeable Reggie the Wreckless being chased by the Pseudo-Jason, until Tommy shows up for an amazing finish, slashing the fake-Jason's hand and letting him fall into the spikes.

After the climax, we are treated to a Tommy Jarvis nightmare, in which he stabs heroine Pam in the stomach with a machete, but when he wakes from the nightmare, he is greeted by what can only be the spirit of the true Jason. We then hear glass shatter, as Pam runs into the room. the door slowly closes behind as Tommy, wearing Jason's mask, raises a knife before the credits role.

An amazing five-star horror movie with an ending that suggested that Tommy, the only of Jason's survivors that has really made an impact, has now become the new Jason. That is, of course, until Jason Lives was released the next year. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning may be remembered mostly for not having Jason as the killer, but is truly one of the best in the series.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Machetes

Review By: thebrandonlionz

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