Friday The 13th Starlet Goes To Fright Night!

The women of Friday The 13th films are held in high regard when it comes to their place as memorable characters in the franchise. They are just as important to fan's appreciation of the film as Jason Voorhees himself. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint the just one reason why so many people enjoy the female characters in the original films, but one thing is certain, when an opportunity arises to meet the actresses that portrayed these roles, fans take notice.

In the days leading up to Friday The 13th last week, the Fright Night Film Fest was announcing new guests for their June event. Their newest guest is that of Judie Aronson, who of course played Samantha in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Judie has also starred in two other 80's favorites such as Weird Science and American Ninja, two films which many people who grew up in the decade are very fond of as well.

If you want to meet Judie, please make sure to check out Fright Night Film Fest's website for more information. The event takes place June 29-31 2012 and Judie joins fellow Friday The 13th alumni Corey Feldman and Kane Hodder!

Fright Night Film Fest
June 29-31, 2012