Alamo Drafthouse Summer of '82 Features Friday The 13th Part 3!

For anyone who grew up watching movies during the 1980's and has been following the news pertaining to The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and their Summer of '82 celebration, you are sure to be excited for Summer to start as soon as possible. During the celebration, the Texas based theater group will be showing some of the most loved films to be released from 1982 which include Poltergeist, The Thing, E.T, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Side note: Khan is one of this writer's favorite movies of all time!)

It is with great surprise and excitement that Alamo Drafthouse has expanded upon their original list of releases to now include Friday The 13th Part 3! Now, there have been some screenings of Part 3 that are not in 3D at all, or there have been some instances of theaters showing the Blu-Ray 3D which is a travesty in our eyes. If fans are going to be spending the time and money to go out and see Part 3 in theaters, then Jason should be popping out in three dimensions, correct?! Well, fans who visit the cinema this Summer in Austin will be witnessing a rare occasion of the film in the proper showing of polarized 3D!

From Alamo Drafthouse
EYES POPPING FROM THEIR SOCKETS! ARROWS BEING SHOT RIGHT AT YOU! PITCHFORKS COMING THROUGH THE SCREEN! EXTREMELY CLOSE POPPING CORN! HELL, THE TITLES ALONE WILL HAVE YOU CHEERING!!!!! Haven't seen classic 3-D at the Alamo? This is the real deal: silverscreen polarized 3-D action, and there is only one theater in Texas dedicated to showing you classic 80's horror in all it's multi-dimentional, celluloidal glory... that's right, the Alamo Drafthouse, baby.

Friday The 13th Part 3 will be showing on Friday July 13th at the Austin Alamo Drafthouse. One item we are very interested in seeing is a Mondo poster for the film! It seems as though that company has started creating retro or vintage poster recreations for films appearing in the Summer of '82 lineup and it would be fun to see what Mondo would come up with Jason and a 3D poster! Let's hope something is released in time for the screening!

Source: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema