Friday The 13th: The Extraction

We were severely lacking in Friday The 13th fan films up until recently, with the exception of the web series Friday The 13th: The Obsession. Even that series had a long three month hiatus before the final episode debuted last Friday, so it has been great to see some new, high quality films emerging. We are a bit late with this news, but Director Samuel Farmer contacted us last week to let us know of his new Jason Voorhees project.

Friday The 13th: Extraction
When private military company, Chase Defense International, learns of a massacre involving a search and rescue party near Crystal Lake, the company's CEO takes a personal interest in apprehending the masked killer--though her intentions may be less than admirable… 

Christopher James Forrest as John Furey 
Karen Overstreet as Shawna Lehman 
Besanya Santiago as Dr. Adrienne Brouwer 
Tyler Patton as Peter Bartram 
Daniel Ejmali as The Mark 
Julie Ann Dinneweth as Assistant # 1 
Kareem Ghori as Assistant # 2 
Jason Howe as Jason Voorhees 

Keith Hamm - Lighting/Grip 
Patricia Chou - Sound 
Corina Seaburn - Producer/Wardrobe 
Samuel Farmer - Director

The film debuted on Friday the 13th last week, but check out the film below, which is meant to be part of a series of films. If everyone enjoys this one film, the crew will go ahead an make the finishing films to conclude the story! Please let us know what you think. We really enjoy the filming style with this film and think everyone will enjoy it.

Friday The 13th: Extraction from samuel farmer on Vimeo.