New Tom Savini Book Being Planned

Last week, author Michael Aloisi and FearNet announced that Michael and Kane Hodder would be starring in a reality web series chronicling their adventures on their book tour promoting Unmasked. It looks like it will be a fun show and fans will get an opportunity to see the hijinks that Kane put Michael through! Lost in that announcement from last week was something even more exciting to Horror fans in general. That lost news item was that Michael will be writing a book about Tom Savini's career!

Let's face it, without Savini's masterful work on the original 1980 film, it may not have had the long lasting success. His effects helped put Friday The 13th on the map as a legitimate Horror film and thriller. The new Tom Savini book is in the early preparation stages right now, but we will definitely keep everyone informed as the book progresses into the next year.

We were also tipped off that another book is being planned and that we will be very interested in the contents and person involved. Can't wait to find out what that new book will be!

AuthorMike Dark Ink Publishing