Total Film Ranks Friday The 13th In Top 50 Shocking Deaths

Everyone loves to create lists to give reference to the success of a particular topic. Sports has lists for top players in a position and motion pictures have lists created to give validity to people's works of art, or lack there of. So it is no surprise that many websites roll out their own lists ranking top films of the year, decade or all time. We believe the harder lists to create are that of the best death scenes in cinema. It's a subjective topic which can be based soley on taste or the overall experience of a film you are watching. What if you were to create a list of most shocking deaths on film?

Total Film has done just that as they have published their 50 Most Shocking Movie Deaths Of All Time. Some people might begin to think mainly of Horror films when it comes to this sort of list, but you would be surprised by the shocking or surprising death scenes that have popped up in mainstream cinema over the years. Total Film's list is not perfect, but it is diverse covering different genre's of films in different time periods. Of course, you get a few Final Destination deaths in their Top 50, and for good reason, but the number one shocking death on their list will surprise a great many of you reading this.

Alas, we are a Friday the 13th website and we are pleased to mention that Friday the 13th 1980 made the list at Number 31 with that of Kevin Bacon's famous death at the hands of Mrs. Voorhees. We're not sure of the fact that it's Kevin Bacon had anything to do with their choice (there are a lot more shocking deaths in the franchise), but no other major slasher franchise (Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street) made the list.

To check out the entire list visit Total Film now and see if any of your favorite scenes made their cut!

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