Kane Hodder Takes His Adventures To FearNet

Last year, legendary actor and stunt performer Kane Hodder opened his life to the general public in such a way that he never had before. His book Unmasked tells his entire life story from his upbringing on a small island to his passion to be in films and the ultimate price he paid to realizing that dream (read Our Review Of The Book). Mike Aloisi, also known as AuthorMike, was tasked with organizing and writing the life story of Kane, and what began as a professional relationship soon turned into a interesting friendship as Mike followed Kane on the convention circuit while writing the book.

Now the pair are taking the experience one step further and have turned their time together into a new reality web series to debut on FearNet. The original idea was to have 10 episodes, but now Kane and Mike want to include the fans, the backbone of the Horror genre. They have partnered with Kickstarter to raise the appropriate funds to film the extra 3 episodes. Contributors can receive any where from autographed DVD's of the show to Kane and Mike flying to your home town to film an episode with you!

Read about the campaign below and watch the initial trailer below.

Kickstarter Campaign
Go from being a fan to part of the industry by funding the horror world’s first reality web-series starring horror icon, Kane Hodder and writer, AuthorMike!

The Killer & I follows the horror industry's odd couple, Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th part 7-X, Hatchet 1,2) and AuthorMike (the author of Unmasked and The Killer & I from which the show is based) as they cause havoc while touring the United States and Europe on their book tour.

The Killer & I, a web-series that will air on FEARnet has decided to film an extra three episodes for the first season of the show, to bring the total to a frightening 13. Being that the show is being made for horror fans, Kane and Mike decided to give back to the fans by inviting them to be part of the show themselves.

Kane attributes so much of his success to the fans that he put an entire chapter in his biography called “I F*cking Love My Fans”. Mike, who went from being a fan, to working with his childhood idol, knows how amazing it feels to be part of the industry. Its these two aspects that made Kane and Mike realize they want to give back to the fans by letting them be part of their show.

The money pledged will go towards filming extra episodes, shooting a new gory opening to the show and making the fans an integral part of the series by putting YOU, the fan, into some of the episodes. While all pledges will be thanked on the show’s website, others will get their name in the credits and some lucky fans will have the option of appearing on the show!

The entire purpose of Kane and Mike working with KickStarter is to give back to the fans by letting them be a part of the world they love so much.

Kickstarter Page
Official Website of The Killer and I FearNet web series.