NECA Hockey Masks Released This October

Last year we wrote a story updating fans on the status of the NECA hockey masks being produced for Friday the 13th Part 3 and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. The tentative release date for these masks were listed as November 2011, but were delayed to this year. We began hearing of labels being removed from Toys R Us shelves and Pre-orders not being received, so we inquired with NECA at that time and did not here anything back about the status .

Patient fans can rest easy as the release of the hockey masks have been set for an October 2012 release date. According to Entertainment Earth, the new date is still tentative (estimated date / subject to change), but hopefully NECA will be able to get these available for fans within that month. The masks were recently seen at this past February's New York Toy Fair, so no matter what the reason is for the almost one year delay, we are sure everyone will enjoy their new masks this Halloween!

Source: Entertainment Earth