Friday The 13th 2009 Writers Developing Paramount Horror Flick!

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon have both been some of the longest tenured people associated with the Friday The 13th film franchise. Their names have been synonymous with Jason Voorhees for the last decade, as they are both responsible for being the Crystal Lake slasher to the big screen both in 2003's Freddy vs Jason as well as the franchise reboot Friday The 13th 2009. It is well known that the duo wrote a script for a direct sequel to the 2009 film for which Warner Bros. refused to greenlight the project. Now Swift and Shannon are taking their Horror talents to the studio that helped jump start the Friday The 13th franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Swift and Damion Shannon are set to not only write a brand new Horror movie for Paramount Pictures, but will also both make their Directorial debuts.

From The Hollywood Reporter
Details of the pitch are being kept tightly locked up, although it is known to contain a high school setting. Shannon and Swift will now write the script and are attached to make their directorial debut with the project.

So, it looks as though the oft criticized writers are finally getting their chance at a Horror film post Friday The 13th 2009. One has to wonder if this new film is successful if they will finally be able to push their Friday The 13th sequel pitch through the Studio and have it realized on the big screen!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter