Friday The 13th Stars Open 'The Camp 2'

Promoters in Germany are on a serious roll as they are attracting a huge amount of Friday the 13th stars to help headline their conventions and special events. Currently, there is already on specialized "camp event" planned with more details forthcoming in the near future. Now, Needful Specials is conducting their second event at camp with a few people that know all about terror at camp and in the wilderness.

The Camp 2 will feature guests from the Friday The 13th films such as Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th Part 3), Melanie Kinnaman (Pam Roberts, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning), and C.J. Graham (Jason Voorhees, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6). The weekend event will feature music, cook outs and other outdoor games...... and of course the opportunity to hang out with Friday the 13th alumni! The event takes place the weekend of June 1-3, 2012 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

For more information, please visit the official website