Friday The 13th 2009 Japanese Press Kit

We have highlighted a few press kits for various other Friday the 13th films in the past, and while doing so, have pointed out how technology over time has changed the way these promotional materials are distributed. Earlier kits were sent in folders containing notes about the film along with glossy photos for the film. Once the turn of the century occured, press kits went digital with more interactive features, sent on CD, DVD and now flash drives. Imagine the surprise, then, when we discovered a full press kit for Friday the 13th 2009 with folder, notes and photos.

While browsing our friend Daizab's excellent Friday The 13th fan site, we discovered the new press kit and it is definitely a collectible that would be worth owning and adding to other press kits from the past films. The photos included are nothing new and were some of the very first official images released to the public for the franchise reboot, but the overall press kit is impressive to look at and a very rare item indeed. Notice also that there appears to be a cardboard cut-out hockey mask that was included along with the production notes and different versions of the Japanese posters!

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