Friday The 13th's Sandy The Waitress Is a Paper Foldable!

Sandy the waitress is one of the more endearing characters from the Friday The 13th film franchise and her scene in Friday The 13th 1980 has always been viewed as a nice little break in the tension created at Camp Crystal Lake. The actress who played Sandy, Sally Anne Golden, only acted in a handful of films and died shortly after the release of Sean Cunningham's hit slasher film. We were just informed of a nice little tribute to the Sandy character that was actually created a few years ago.

Paper Foldable characters have been a fun hobby for many the last few years and decided to immortalize Sandy the Waitress with an awesome paper foldable every Friday The 13th fan should enjoy. Check out the artwork of Sandy below as well as a look at the finished product in all its glory. To download the foldable artwork to print at home, please click on the link below.

Sandy The Waitress Paper Foldable


  1. This is hilarious, but awesome nonetheless! I wish we could get more stuff like this for the characters of the Friday The 13th series. Imagine if NECA or someone came out with a line of figures from each movie. I would buy them all!

  2. Now that we have this, lets get a Sandy figure! NECA we are calling for you. :)

  3. Great! Now I have an erection at work!!!!


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