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Many fans were excited about the release of Harry Manfredini's iconic film scores for Friday The 13th 1980 through Jason Lives: Friday The Part 6 and looked forward to owning the set upon its release. We interviewed Harry about the box set back in November 2011 and asked him about the process to finally bringing these long sought after music tracks to the fans. Music for the first three films had been made available on LP in the United States in the 1980's and a CD was released overseas with the same tracks, but never before had all six of these film scores been officially released until this past January 13th. Now we have something special for those fans that could not afford the set or missed out on purchasing the soundtracks before they sold out.

We have recently been given an extra soundtrack box set and instead of selling it, we felt it would be better to offer this up to the fans with an opportunity to win it in a contest. So, hear are the details.

About The Contest
1. This contest is for the opportunity to win one used Friday The 13th Soundtrack box set, which was released by La-La Land Records.

2. There are four ways to enter the contest. You can enter on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or in our Discussion Forum.

- Twitter: Tweet this Contest Announcement on your Twitter account with the hash tag #FridayThe13thSoundtrackContest and our Twitter handle @F13FilmFranchis. Your tweet must have this contest announcement link, our Twitter handle and the aforementioned hash tag included.

- Facebook: Go to the Contest Announcement on Facebook and click on the Share link. That's it. Every person that clicks Share on the Facebook Announcement will be entered to win.

- Google +: Go to the Contest Announcement on Google + and click on the Share button. That's it. Every person that clicks Share on the Google + Announcement will be entered to win.

- Discussion Forum: Visit the Contest Announcement in our Forum and post a comment in the discussion thread about the box set. If you are not signed up yet, it takes a very quick minute to do so.

3. Participants can enter the contest in all four different ways if desired as it will increase your chances of winning due to each entry from the four platforms being added into the random drawing.

4. Contest runs from Friday February 17, 2012 through Friday February 24, 2012. The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday February 25th. If there are any questions, please email or send us a message on one of the social network sites. Good luck to everyone!


  1. Thanks for the contest! I am submitting on Facebook and hope to win.

  2. What a great contest. Look forward to seeing who wins!

  3. Awesome Contest - did all four.. LOVE movie sountracks - especially Friday the 13th


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