Rare Interview With John Robert Dixon (Eddie, Part 5)

Coming soon in 2012 is the Crystal Lake Memories eBook extension of the 2005 print release of the same name. The new edition will have, among other things, new interviews with actors that were not included in the original release of the book. This writer just stumbled upon a very rare interview with John Robert Dixon (Eddie, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning), who was not included in the book, where he discusses how he became involved with the film franchise.

The interview is from a few years ago and was posted at the Scabby Horror Website. Read a portion of the interview below and make sure to check out the entire discussion by clicking on the Read More link below.

From Scabby Horror Website
(Scabby) What got you into acting and how did you hear about Friday The 13th: V (a.k.a. Repetition)?

(John) Actually my mother was involved in the industry during the mid 1960’s and being a “Hollywood” kid I was actually in an episode of General Hospital (I think it was GH) when I was about 7 years old. I also did some acting in school etc. musicals and such, most notable was the part of Fagin in the musical “Oliver”. None of this, however really lead me to become an actor and ultimately to be cast in Friday the 13th. As a teen and into my early twenties I was much more interested in music (wanted to be a rocker) and surfing. It was a girlfriend, who did some modeling that got me moving down the path that resulted in my eventual roll in Friday the 13th Part V.
As far as “how did I hear about” it, I was sent to an audition by my agent and never really knew what it was until after I had the part.

(Scabby) Did anyone who was (or became) well known, or semi-well known audition for the role that you know of?

(John) For the part of Eddie? Not that I’m aware of, however Gina Gershon and Darcy DeMoss were among the girls considered to play Tina and both read with me for the producer Frank Mancuso Jr. and Danny Steinmann. Darcy was cast originally and suddenly “uncast” after the final wardrobe call, replaced by Debisue Voorhees out of nowhere…

(Scabby) How was it working with the stunt coordinator Dick Warlock? 

(John) I don’t really remember Dick specifically, but all those guys were all pretty cool.

(Scabby) The fight between you and Tommy (John Shepherd); how hard was that to do and did you take your own fall?

(John) It was real basic stuff. I did everything up to where he grabs and picks me up. I’d have had no issue doing the fall and in fact I wanted to do it. Trust me, I’ve done plenty of stunt-like stuff in my life (no camera necessary) and broken some bones in the process. Stuntmen (as I understood it at the time) get paid by the stunt and if I’d insisted on doing the fall, Ed (I believe it was Ed Mathew) would not have gotten paid to do it… So the guy crashing into the table in the film is Ed.

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