New Interviewees Revealed For Crystal Lake Memories eBook

Over a month ago we brought everyone an update on the progress of the new Crystal Lake Memories book, which will be made available as an eBook only, not in print. Expanded quotes, new pictures and new interviews will be added to the expanded edition and now fans have been updated on some of the new additions.

The new list of interviewed alumni were posted at the books Facebook Page yesterday and fans should be very happy about who is now included. Read below to catch up on the updates and look for the new Crystal Lake Memories 1st quarter 2012!

From Crystal Lake Memories Facebook
Hello campers! The new edition of CLM is in the home stretch of completion......

Among the updated and new interviews are Danny Steinmann, Melanie Kinnaman, Catherine Parks, Gloria Charles, Ron Sloan, Tom Fridley, Elizabeth Kaitan, Scott Reeves and more.