Could Freddy vs. Jason Be Heading To Universal's Horror Nights?

The last time Jason Voorhees graced the hallowed grounds of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights was back in 2010. There, Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form helped transport the world of Friday The 13th 2009 to the horror themed entertainment park in Hollywood, California. The Friday The 13th maze was a huge success and fans wondered when we might see the Crystal Lake slasher return.

Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel wrote up a nice story on the 100th anniversary of Universal Studios and their future plans for Halloween Horror Nights

From Orlando Sentinel
Universal has been conducting an online survey to gauge fan interest in 50 movie and television properties as potential haunted maze themes for Halloween Horror Nights 2012.

The annual post-Halloween poll offers fans a glimpse into what could be on the horror horizon at Universal.

During the past few years, the revamped Horror Nights has presented mazes based on some of the biggest horror properties: "Friday the 13th," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Halloween," "Scream" and "Saw."

Among the possibilities for 2012 and beyond: "Psycho," "Amityville Horror," "Aliens," "Poltergeist," "Paranormal Activity,""28 Days Later," "American Werewolf in London," "Freddy vs. Jason," "The Shining," "Hellraiser," "True Blood," "Dexter" and "American Horror Story."

Lets hope enough fans voted for Freddy vs Jason and we get to see Jason in the horror mazes again real soon!

Source: Orlando Sentinel