Enter FearNet Contest To Win Friday The 13th

FearNet wants to make Friday the 13th fans feel all warm about their beloved franchise, and no, not warm with blood splattered about your body. The horror network is helping fans celebrate the impending Friday the 13th date with a sweepstakes that only a deranged mother could love. That would be a chance to win items watching her and her son maim and butcher young nubile teens

FEARnet is passing around lucky charms on one of the unluckiest days of the year with its Friday the 13th Sweepstakes. Starting today through January 16, 2012 at 5 p.m., movie fans can enter to win this luck-filled prize pack at FEARnet.com that would make even Jason Voorhees smile.

FEARnet scares bad luck away, and will have fans feeling so lucky that they'll no longer fear crossing paths with black cats, shattered mirrors, or walking under ladders. The Friday the 13th pack includes:

 - Sony Bravia Theater System
 - "Friday the 13th" (Extended Killer Kut) DVD
 - "Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Collection" (Parts I – VIII ) DVD with Jason's Mask
 - "Freddy vs. Jason" DVD
 - "Jason Goes To Hell" DVD
 - "Jason X" DVD
 - FEARnet Swag

To enter the sweepestakes, visit FearNet for official rules and entry information. Good luck to everyone and see everyone here for our Community Viewing and Chat this Friday!