Friday The 13th Starlets Enter Poe Universe

It is amazing the amount of news that has exploded over the last year with regards to Friday The 13th alumni getting solid and fun acting gigs. While stars of Friday the 13th 2009 are still very much active in Hollywood and working on newer films and shows, the older alumni are re-entering the fray and are themselves participating in unique and interesting projects

Fangoria just got the scoop that both Adrienne King (Alice Hardy, Friday The 13th 1980) and Amy Steel (Ginny Field, Friday The 13th Part 2) both are involved in a new anthology film, Tales Of Poe Volume 1,  featuring the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Adrienne will be starring in the Segment "Dreams" and Amy is lending her voice as narrator of the film (pictured above). Read more below about their involvement.

From Fangoria
Director Bart Mastronardi gave us the news that original FRIDAY heroine Adrienne King (pictured above) will be playing “the wicked Queen of Dreams” in this segment, based on the Poe-m of the same title. “You will see Adrienne like you’ve never seen her before—trust me,” Mastronardi, who’s also producing TALES OF POE, tells Fango. Another FRIDAY gal, PART 2’s Amy Steel, is part of DREAMS: “She’s the film’s narrator and playing the Mother of Dreams. We already recorded Amy last November in New York City [see photo below]. And [TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2’s] Caroline Williams will be playing the Angel of Dreams. Finally, I’m working with Caroline. We’ve been talking for two years, and now it’s happening.”

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