Signing Event and Pre-Order Info For Limited Edition Soundtrack Box Set

Fans should expect a lot of news for the new soundtrack box set to be forthcoming in the next three weeks with the release date quickly approaching. Yesterday we reported on the debut of the box cover for the 6 CD set which included the vintage silhouette figure from Friday The 13th Part 2. The question most asked is how much for the box set and how can they pre-order? We now have some news for those questions.

Dark Delecacies will be hosting a signing event for fans to attend, purchase the box set, and then have it signed by Harry Manfredini in person. There are also plans to have other people from the films in attendance as well, but those people have not been announced yet. There will also be a screening of a film or two, more to be announced soon! In the mean time, here is the skinny on the signing event and how to pre-order the box set from Dark Delecacies' website.

On January 14th at 2 p.m., Harry Manfredini will be signing the Collector's Edition of the entire scores to Friday the 13th Parts 1-6, a six-cd set with a 40-page booklet containing cool pics and great liner notes. Special guests to be announced. If you are unable to attend the event, you can place an order for the box set directly on the Dark Delecacies website (scroll to the bottom of the page), which will include the signature of Harry Manfredini. The cost is $69.98, without shipping included. This will be a separate pre-order than what La-La Land Records will have, we guess, and the cost will probably be a bit cheaper as we assume Harry's signature will not be included.

When we find out more about other ordering information, we will let everyone know!