Sail With Jason On Friday The 13th!

With there being three Friday the 13th dates in 2012, there looks to be a lot of events coming up for these our special holiday. We already have a lot happening on January 13, 2012, which is listed on our Events Page. Now, there is something truly unique for fans to experience....a cruise with Jason Voorhees!

Tides of Torture is bring a different approach to the convention circuit. Why have a stationary convention scene when you could take it to the open sea! That's right, the organizers have put together the world's first convention at sea and have invited two of our favorite Jason Voorhees actors to tag along. Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part 7-8, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X) and Steve Dash (Friday the 13th Part 2) will be stalking, um, joining you on the cruise along with a number of other horror genre veterans.

Don't expect to be taking a cruise to Manhattan and running into Street Urchins or sewer workers right before midnight. This is a pleasure cruise and all of the details are below.

From Tides Of Terror
Worlds 1st Horror Convention at Sea
Tides of Torture’s vacation in hell on the high seas is THE place to be!

Dark Star Fantasy Cruises is proud to announce the dates for Tides of Torture, the world’s first horror convention at sea. Horror fans from around the world will board a Carnival Cruise ship on April 12, 2012 in Tampa, Florida and set sail for Cozumel, Mexico on Friday the 13th! The four-day cruise will return on Monday, April 16.

Make your vacation this year one to remember partying with your favorite horror icons on the high seas while enjoying all the amenities a Carnival Cruise provides. Headliners and one of a kind special events, such as celebrity poker and a “horrific” version of Inside the Actors Studio, will be announced soon. Keep your eyes on favorite horror outlets such as Dread Central and Fangoria for more information on this once in a lifetime event. You don’t want to miss what Dark Star has in store for you!

For prices and ticket information, contact Really Big Deal at 888-495-7828. Ticket pricing will include room aboard the ship along with food and beverage (non-alcoholic), convention access, collectible t-shirt and movie screenings. VIP upgrades will also be available.

For more information, check out the websites for the event below!