NECA Friday The 13th Updates

We have been getting a lot of questions pertaining to the new hockey masks for Friday the 13th Part 3 and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter that NECA is producing. A few months ago we reported that the masks had a tentative release date of November 2011 for the hocks, but nothing has been mentioned since that time by NECA.

Because of the large amount of emails, comments left on the website, and now forum posts, we decided to ask NECA directly about the release plans of the hocks. Surprisingly, our attempts to get an answer on the exact release date of the masks have gone unanswered. Since our attempts to get an answer through their website as well as their Twitter account yielded no results, we did a little more investigating and it is possible that the masks might be arriving in December, not November.

We contacted a few local stores that could not give a definitive date either, however, they did mention that if they did not receive the masks within the next week, it was very likely they would not arrive until after Thanksgiving, or more plainly, December. Also of note is that the Freddy Krueger figure and new replica glove that NECA is releasing at the same time as the hocks, and listed as a November release, are showing a December shipment to those people that ordered them. These people have been mentioning this fact on various forums throughout the web.

Our advice is to sit tight and the hockey masks will more than likely be available for all of your Christmas shopping needs! The other collectible item that always seems to get a lot of questions asked for our website is that of new Jason Voorhees figures. Since NECA holds the license for the 7.5 inch figures,  they, of course, are always being targeted for more updates. We wrote about NECA's response about the figures in Spring and it was definitely looking like 2012 would be the earliest we would see new Jason Voorhees figures.

Today, NECA was asked on Twitter once again by a fan about the figures and their plans to release them next year (2012) and they responded, "We sure hope so". So as with the masks, everyone will have to hold on and be patient as NECA will announce official plans when they are ready for production!