Possible New NECA Jason Figures For 2012

Back In January, we asked NECA if they had plans for creating a new Jason Voorhees figure for release in 2011. At that time, they mentioned that there were no plans for new Jason figures, but perhaps re-issues of certain figures they had already produced. This week, NECA revealed some awesome Freddy Krueger figure pics, so we decided to ask again. The answer was a little different and indeed encouraging.

During a conversation we had on Twitter with the toy and collectible maker, we asked if they had plans for any new figures to debut either at ComicCon or in the Fall. They responded with the following:

we have been considering new Jason(s) but not before 2012

We thought that was good news, so we made sure to lobby for the Roy and Jason Take Manhattan figure, since so many people that visit this site as well as collectors on other forums always request these two figures to complete collections. NECA responded with the following:

so Roy Jason and Manhattan Jason is what the fans want? What about the pre-uber version? He is cooler looking I think..

We agreed that the regular Jason in Jason X was indeed an awesome figure and would be great to get as a fan, but made sure to reiterate that they would make sales on the other two figures as well. Surprisingly, a lot of people sent us messages on Twitter and via email stating that they would not want Roy or a Jason Takes Manhattan figure over say, a Jason Lives or The Final Chapter Jason. It was shocking how many people voiced these opinions as so many fans over the years have wanted to complete their collections with the aforementioned Jason's.

Well, it is encouraging to see that NECA is thinkging about new figures for 2012. Stay tunes for more news when it is available!