Jason Voorhees 1/6 Sculpt Head Sculpt Offers Realistic Features

11.20.2011 - It has been a long time since we have written about custom figures form the Friday the 13th universe. Interest in creating head sculpts and figures has waned over the past year, which is understandable considering the lack of news on a new sequel. With that being said, there are still creative minds out there producing quality representations of Jason Voorhees.

This past February, we featured a very talented artist named Betomatali that was creating multiple projects associated with Jason Voorhees. His most notable work was creating head sculpts of the various incarnations of Jason Voorhees in 1/6 scale. At that time, he was sculpting heads for Jason from Friday the 13th 2009. The photos we had were of unfinished, in-progress head sculpts of Jason. We lost contact with the project after that time, but now we have found a video review a finished Jason head sculpt and it is quite simply amazing!

In the video below, the detail of the sculpting and paint work is truly professional grade and something that bigger companies like NECA and Sideshow should take a look at implement into their own process of creating figures. There are two parts to the video below, one of Jason and then later a review of Ash from Evil Dead 2.

If interested in this work, please email betomatali@gmail.com to find out more about prices and availability.