Freddy DLC For Mortal Kombat 9 Popular Enough For Jason DLC Soon?

The announcement last July at the San Diego Comic Con, that Freddy Krueger was going to be the last downloadable character of the year for Mortal Kombat 9, took the gaming community by storm. At that time Jason Voorhees was also thought to be in the mix, but sadly he was left out of the game altogether.

After the dust settled with the announcement, fans wanted answers as to why Jason was not added to Mortal Kombat. The subject was incredibly heated as news had leaked early in 2011 that Jason was being developed for the game along with Freddy. Some answers were given for Jason being excluded, such as test groups not showing very much interest in Jason and Freddy being added to the Mortal Kombat universe. Warner Bros. then apparently decided to roll out Freddy and see how successful he would be in the game. Well, Freddy's success may very well pave the way for Jason to invade the nether realm.

Downloadable Freddy sales have been very encouraging since the character's release on August 9th. Now, Freddy has even been nominated for best DLC at the Spike Video Game Awards airing December 10th. If sales continue to show promise and the Freddy DLC actually wins a gaming award, Warner Bros. might have enough confidence to officially unleash Jason in the gaming world for the first time since the late 1980's!

Would our readers liketo see Jason in Mortal Kombat?